A Long Weekend in San Diego: The Grown-Ups Guide

webuser/ September 1, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

For three escapist days away from the cold—and maybe the kids—head west. An hour-by-hour guide to San Diego’s old-school charms and sophisticated new offerings, including where to stay, hike and dig into the country’s best Mexican food

WHEREVER you are right now, there’s a very good chance the weather is much nicer in San Diego. California’s second most populous city has long used its relentlessly pleasant climate to lure travelers to attractions like the USS Midway, SeaWorld, more than 90 golf courses and roughly a bazillion miles of beaches and hiking trails. Rarely does a sneak attack of cold or wetness ruin a weekend visit, even in the dead of winter. Indeed, investing in a San Diego vacation is as safe a bet as spending the same amount on T-bills. If the city has traditionally been knocked for anything, it’s that very safeness; a detour here ranks…

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