20 Minute Self Guided Historic Tunnel & Sea Cave Tour


Entitles one household of up to six people to explore the tunnel and sea cave for 20 minutes.

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Visit the Cave Store, one of La Jolla’s most infamous tourist attractions.

In 1902, a German mining engineer and artist named Gustav Schultz commissioned a tunnel leading from his home on the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla down into a natural sea cave. Historians say bootleggers made proper use of the sea cave and tunnel during Prohibition, smuggling alcohol, opium, and immigrants into America.

This tunnel still exists today. Schultz’s original residence is now the Cave Store, which houses the entry to the tunnel and Sunny Jim’s sea cave (so named for an early 1900’s cereal mascot whose silhouette looks remarkably similar to the shape of the cave’s opening when viewed from the observation deck at the end of the tunnel).

During this self guided tour, you’ll head down the bootlegger’s tunnel and into the sea cave. You’ll be able to watch the waves crash on the rocks from the observation deck above the water and enjoy the iconic view of Sunny Jim privately with up to five people from your household. This policy was put in place to support California’s “Safer at Home” policy of restricting interaction between members of different households while still allowing us to safely offer cave tours.

On average, visitors spend 10-15 minutes per tour. This voucher gives you and up to 5 other members of your household to explore the tunnel and sea cave for up to 20 minutes.