Abalone Flip Flop Pendant


Sterling silver pendant with genuine abalone shell.

Pairs beautifully with our sterling silver chains (sold separately).

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Abalone is a kind of mollusk commonly found off the coast of La Jolla. When La Jolla was a farming community in the late 19th and early 20th century, Abalone meat was used to fertilize the soil. The unique ear shaped shell has many uses. Abalone is commonly recognized as the shell used by some Native Americans as currency or as a bowl for burning sage. It was believed that the combined energies of abalone and sage would send their intended message to the heavens. Even today, people burn sage in Abalone as part of energy cleansing rituals. 

Abalone is a very durable shell, and wearing abalone is thought to protect its wearer the same way the shell protects the iridescent inner layers used in these earrings. Abalone also brings with it the healing nature of the sea and is considered helpful for soothing emotional strife.


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