Sand Dollar Pendant


100% sterling silver pendant

Will not turn color or irritate sensitive skin

We recommend pairing this pendant with one of our sterling silver chains and matching earrings (sold separately)

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The Sand Dollar has great symbolism in the Christian faith. It is said that the 5 holes in a Sand Dollar represent the wounds Jesus suffered during his crucifixion. One side is said to have an Easter Lily with a star in the middle, representing the star of Bethlehem. The flower on the other side is said to be a Poinsettia, symbolic of Jesus’s birth at Christmastime. When you break a sand dollar in half, five similarly bird-shaped pieces of shell will fall out. The five “doves” are said to release good will and peace into the world.

Others claim that Sand Dollars are simply coins lost by mermaids! 

No matter what you believe you cannot help but look in awe at nature’s beauty as it is expressed in the Sand Dollar. 

This pendant is made with 100% sterling silver. It will not turn color or irritate sensitive skin. It pairs beautifully with our sterling silver chains and matching sand dollar earrings!


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